Masonic Membership Process-How to Become a Mason

One of the questions I often get asked is: “If I want to be a Mason, what do I have to do, and what is the process like?” Well, I thought I would share this with the rest of the world.

First, it is very important to not e that Masonry is NOT a by invitation organization.  Masonry requires that those who wish to join must do so of there own free will. Therefore, inviting a man to join is actually not allowed.  It is permissible to invite a friend to a social event, or to tell him he would make a good Mason. But we never invite someone to join.

That being said, the first thing a man would do to begin his journey into Freemasonry would be to ask a member for a petition, which is similar to an application for a job, and typically includes name, address, occupation, birthplace and date. The petitioner then returns it to the lodge member along with the initiation fee (in my lodge this amount is $150.00 which is about average). Before the petition and fee can be turned in to the lodge Secretary it must also have the signed recommendation of two members, usually the person the petitioner got the petition from and another member who knows the petitioner.

Once the petition is turned in, it is read in open lodge during a stated meeting. The Worshipful Master then assigns a committee to investigate the candidate. Typically the committee is 3 Past Masters of the lodge but there could be variation on this. The committee should then contact the candidate to arrange a meeting, preferably at his home. The committee will ask a series of questions to try to get to know the man better, to test what kind of character the man has. The committee should also talk to the wife to make sure she understands what Masonry is and why her husband wants to join. The last thing a lodge would want is for membership to cause strain on a marriage.

After the investigation the committee goes back to the lodge and makes a recommendation at the next stated meeting. The petition is then voted on by secret ballot, using a special box.

Box used for balloting in a Masonic Lodge

To vote, you simply reach in the front and either pick up a white ball or a black cube (you cannot see them but it does not matter since they are different shapes). The voter than places the ball or cube in a hole at the other end of the box. The ball or cube lands in a little tray that can be pulled out to count the votes. The ballot must be unanimous in order for a petitioner to be elected to receive the degrees of Masonry.

Finally, once the petition has been successfully voted on, the candidate is notified that he has been elected and what meeting he needs to come to receive his Entered Apprentice degree.

That’s it! If you have any other questions about the election process, leave a comment here on this post. Also, if you are a Mason with a funny or interesting story about your election, please leave it here for others to enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Masonic Membership Process-How to Become a Mason”

    1. I am so glad you asked that! Let me explain how the process works. First, a prospect turns in a petition (same as application), which if you are a hopeful EA you may have already done. The petition is then read in open lodge, and a committee assigned to investigate the petitioner. In most lodges the committee should be charged with bringing a report of their investigation back to the lodge by the next stated business meeting so the lodge can hear their report and vote on the petition. Since most lodges meet either twice per month or once per month, it should only take two to four weeks.

      The only caveat to this is that most lodges do not meet in July and August. So if a petition was turned in just before this, most lodges will not be in a big hurry to do the investigation, because they cannot read their report to the lodge until September. So if you are currently waiting, I would say you will continue to do so until then.

      I hope this helps, and feel free to ask me any other questions.

    1. If any of your friends are Masons I would just talk to them and ask for a petition. If they are not, go to your local lodge building on an evening when you see cars there, stop in and ask to speak to someone about joining. Now if no one there knows you then you might need to get to know some of the members a bit, as all new candidates are supposed to be vouched for, and you can’t vouch for someone you do not know. That does not mean you can’t join, it just take a bit longer.

  1. SINCE i had about freemason it most attractive to my life also to change life syle that why I want tobe great masonic here in Africa

    1. In terms of Operative Masonry (actual stone cutters and builders) an apprentice is one who is just beginning to learn the trade, usually assisting Journeymen and Masters with simple tasks. In Speculative Masonry (as in Freemasonry or the Fraternity of Freemasonry) an Entered Apprentice is the first degree, or entry point into becoming a Freemason. A candidate receives the Entered Apprentice degree, then after some work will receive the Fellowcraft Degree, than after a little more work receives the Master Mason degree.

    1. To join the Masons you would need to find a lodge in your area. If you know anyone that is a member than you can ask them for a petition. No mason will invite you to become a member, but petitioners must come of their own free will and accord. If you do not know any members than you can go to the lodge and ask them to discuss masonry with you and consider you to be a candidate. If you become friends with some of the members and they get to know you, they should after awhile be comfortable signing your petition. Here is a list of lodges in East Africa:

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